Many companies are satisfied with their sales and image, “Business is good”. However, many companies are missing a clear description about what they truly stand for and what their offerings actually are. Studies show that over half of all the companies today think that they deliver a superior customer experience, but less than 10 % of their customers agree. Eliminating the gap between what often is an overstated image and how you are actually viewed, is the key to success.

We call it “MIND THE GAP”.


Brands are not made of steel. They are made and recognised based on feelings and soft values. Very often it’s just that, a simple feeling that counts. The customer has “heard”, the customer “knows” and “feels”.

Maybe a CEO gave a confident speech, conveying trust, during an event or morning tv-show. Or perhaps a receptionist handled an unexpected situation in an exceptional manner. This might have been the trigger point for someone to share a positive thought about your company. It’s about top notch quality, good service, and a professional treatment above the ordinary. Every single person in the company needs to work together under a consistent and articulated brand.

All your Plans, processes and cool campaigns are needed, But it lessens the impact and falls flat when consistency is missing, due to “cosmetic messages” that lack actual connections with the whole organisation and its behaviour.

Building a brand takes courage, focus and hard work. We are experts in helping companies and organisations “putting words on” what they truly do best, how to convey their message and match it with the market, in order to beat the competition. Defining genuine messages that you can live by, that is what brand building is all about!


Our efforts are related to the maturity and ability of each customer. Below are some classic examples of how we can contribute.

-When you need to updated your communication channels, such as web and corporate presentation etc, and need to clarify your offerings & messaging.

When you want to strengthen your market position and brand awareness.

When you face an expansion in terms of new business areas or new market establishments.

When you need to secure the company´s intangible assets and strengthen your brand equity.

When you want a common thread in communication and organisational behaviour, creating an optimal customer experience.

When you want to use the brand as a tool when increasing prices or sales.

When you stand before a merger where brands and corporate cultures need to be united under one plattform.

When you want to know what your brand is worth to set realistic goals and create measurability in your work.

Interested in testing your brands possibilities? Free of charge, we perform a stresstest of your brand, describing what it takes to elevate your brand. Send an email to stresstest@uniqii.com and let us tell you more.



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Marie Lundström

Brand Advisor | CEO

Specialises in strategic brand development and positioning for value led organisations.

Phone: +46 70-628 19 77


David Gajland

Senior IP consultant

Specialises in evaluating, acquisition- and investment analysis.

Phone: +46 70 768 14 16


Tom von Sivers

Journalist | Media Specialist

Is an expert in media- and communication for over 20 years.

Phone: +46 703 290 492


Madeleine Landley

Lead creative | Digital & Print

Specialises in graphic production and brand identity for webb and print.

Phone: +46 70 483 33 73